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How to Replace Your RV A/C Gasket

In this post we’re going to cover how to replace your RV’s A/C gasket using our A/C Gasket Kit.

About the A/C Gasket Kit

This unique, high quality one-piece EPDM replacement A/C Gasket fits most RV and Marine A/C & Heat Pump units including those made by Dometic, Airxcel, Advent, Atwood and Coleman.


The A/C gasket provided in the kit is backed with a simple pressure sensitive adhesive tape. Since the weight of the A/C unit primarily holds the gasket in place, a stronger adhesive is not necessary. It’s really there just to help hold it in place during installation. The Kit includes two (2) 7″ leveling blocks, one (1) 14” strip made of the same material to fit the layout of current A/C units, and an instruction sheet to guide you through installation. The A/C Gasket divider is used to separate the intake from the return. These leveling blocks can be used to level the A/C unit, or repair a damaged divider (which we’ll cover in more detail below). The kit also includes an instruction sheet to help you with your installation.

How to Replace the A/C Gasket

Before working on anything electrical, please disconnect power to the A/C unit for your safety. We also recommend having a friend assist you during the install. Having someone else present makes the process easier, and safer.

To get started, you will need to remove all of the screws mounting the A/C unit to the roof of the RV. Carefully tilt the A/C unit on it’s side to access the gasket.

In the picture provided, you’ll notice that the A/C gasket wasn’t covering one side of the opening in the roof. This was allowing rain water to leak into the RV. In this case, the A/C unit had been installed incorrectly and that was causing the leak, but we replaced the A/C gasket anyway to ensure the area would remain leak free once we re-installed the unit.

To remove the old A/C gasket, disconnect and label the wires so you know how to reconnect them later.

Once the wiring is disconnected, you can then we peel the old gasket off of the A/C unit. In some cases, the gasket is easy to remove. In cases where leftover adhesive or gasket material is left behind, make sure you clean the area with an adhesive remover and tuck tool to help scrape away debris. Now that the gasket is removed, wipe down the area with soapy water to remove dirt and grime. Since the A/C Gasket is adhesive backed, you want this area to be clean to adhere well.

This particular A/C Gasket featured a divider. In this case, the divider wasn’t damaged or torn so it was left in place. The customer had a choice to either leave it, replace it with the leveling blocks that came in the kit, or replace it with a 14″ strip of the same material.

New A/C Gasket installed

Finally, re-connect all of your wires, and put the A/C unit back into place – ensuring that the new A/C gasket is properly covering all sides of the opening in the roof.

Steele Rubber Products offers premium RV seal replacements. If you need help installing the A/C Gasket Kit, or any of our seals – contact us. Our Product Specialists can be reached over the phone (800-230-6752) or on Live Chat. We are here to make sure your project is a success.

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