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Auto Weatherstrip Installation Tips

We make thousands of rubber parts at Steele Rubber Products but we rarely get to see them after they leave the shop. We visited with the guys at Quarter Mile Muscle in Mooresville, NC to watch them install our new brass-core door seals on a 1969 Camaro. They did the doors and the trunk seals

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How to Replace Sliding Quarter Window Weatherstrip

A short “how-to” on replacing sliding quarter windows for early 60’s GM Suburbans. This process is similar for other trucks and wagons in this era. Below you’ll find everything you need plus the exact materials that we used in this video. Be sure to check out our website to find all the weatherstripping we have

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How to Install Quarter Window Leading Edge, Lock Pillar Filler & Door Seals

On this Garage Segment of My Classic Car, Matt Agosta, installs the roof rails, quarter window leading edge, lock pillar filler and door seals on a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V.