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New Parts- October 2018 Windowfelts and Glass Weatherstrip Kits for GM cars, our First Pontiac Fiero Part and MORE!

This months new parts are very exciting! And, Ill tell you why……. 1- We introduced 3 new glass kits and KITS SAVE YOU MONEY! Kits are all inclusive, easy to buy and come at a discounted price. You really can’t beat that! 2- We introduced many new windowfelt weatherstrips. This is great because these things

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How to Replace your Lock Pillar Filler and Leading Edge

  A worn-out lock pillar filler and leading edge could be responsible for the whistling noise caused by wind.     A door lock pillar seal is the rubber part found where the rear quarter window meets the lock pillar. It serves as the access manager for the quarter window seals and a good lock pillar

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