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How to Maintain Your Weatherstripping the Right Way

  Weatherstripping isn’t a fun or sexy part of car restoration (or for your daily driver either) but it is a big part of the end result of your project. I’d say weatherstripping isn’t really something you appreciate most of the time….. unless it fails. Weatherstripping is made of rubber (more specifically, ours is made

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New Parts- October 2018 Windowfelts and Glass Weatherstrip Kits for GM cars, our First Pontiac Fiero Part and MORE!

This months new parts are very exciting! And, Ill tell you why……. 1- We introduced 3 new glass kits and KITS SAVE YOU MONEY! Kits are all inclusive, easy to buy and come at a discounted price. You really can’t beat that! 2- We introduced many new windowfelt weatherstrips. This is great because these things

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