October 18, 2011

Stumptown Antique Tractor Show

Tractor image

Every October, the Stumptown Antique Tractor Show is hosted in Denver, NC.  Just like an antique car show, there were rows and rows of restored old tractors of all sizes and shapes.  They also had a swap meet area, working displays showing equipment in action, and various tractor skill and pull competitions.  What I like is the sound of hit-n-miss motors firing and missing all around the grounds doing various chores and the smell of Carolina BBQ in the air.

I watched corn kernels stripped from its husk.  Then ground to corn meal.  Hay being baled in a belt driven baler hooked to a tractor’s side belt wheel, a working blacksmith shop.  My favorite was a sawmill run on an old steamer tractor.  Farming was surely hard work.  Today’s technologically advanced farm equipment makes farming a dream compared to what it was.

They had hayrides for both young and old. Each day they would start the show with a parade of tractors on a course through the grounds.  This year it was on a beautiful backdrop of sunshine and fall colors.

If you happen to find yourself in the Denver, NC area in October 2012, you’ll want to make time to see the show.  It’s fun and interesting.  And be sure to get a freshly made bag of kettle corn to snack on as I did.




Matt Agosta is the President of Steele Rubber Products. He is an avid car-enthusiast. When he is not working or restoring one of his classic cars, he enjoys traveling with his wife, local author Carolyn Steele Agosta. 

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