September 19, 2011

Replacing The Leading Edge Window Seal

A worn-out lock pillar filler and leading edge could be responsible for the whistling noise caused by wind.

A door lock pillar seal is the rubber part found where the rear quarter window meets the lock pillar. It serves as the access manager for the quarter window seals. Without this piece water and  dust would accumulate on the quarter panel; elements that would eventually lead to rust.

Lock Pillar Filler Diagram
The lock pillar fillers are found on the inside of the doors.

The leading edge seals the rear quarter window to the side window when they are rolled-up.

Replacing these parts is easy and can be done at home with only a screwdriver and a bottle of soapy water.  A good lock pillar filler has a metal core that holds the screws in place and keeps the part sturdy.

It is best to change the seals on both doors at the same time since they will probably both be worn  and this also saves you from searching for individual parts later.

The fillers go by other names including lock pillar seals or just filler seals. The quarter window seals are also called leading edge.

Quarter Window Seals or Leading Edge Image
Quarter window seals or leading edge







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Matt Agosta, President of Steele Rubber Products demonstrates how to change the lock pillar filler and leading edge.



  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the quarter window filler.
  2. Slide the quarter window seal down against the edge of the glass until it is completely removed.
  3. Mist the new seal with soapy water and reinstall. Sliding it from the bottom up.
  4. Replace the quarter window filler by aligning the screw holes as they were before and replace.

TIP: If you think you will have trouble replacing the parts, take a picture  of the original composition before you begin.

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