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Steele Rubber Products Announces All NEW RV Weatherstripping Website!


Since 2015, Steele Rubber Products has been slowly stepping into the RV weatherstripping market. With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and selling Automotive weatherstripping and rubber parts, we knew we could help RV owners protect their investments with our high-quality products. Our universal line can be used for so many different things in so many industries but the RV market is one that stood out to us and was under-served in this area.


Over the next year we did extensive research. Through our findings, we added more and more RV specific parts to our product line up and gained a lot of knowledge!  In 2016, our first RV catalog was introduced and the response from our customers has been incredible. We also made a page devoted just to RV parts and information on our website.


Now, in 2018, we’re committed to being your #1 choice for RV weatherstripping and rubber products. With that commitment we’ve created a whole new RV specific website and will continue to tirelessly research and add to our product line to ensure that we are best serving our customers’ needs. The RV website offers new services such as live chat and guest checkout to make your shopping experience as user friendly and easy as possible. Just like our automotive parts, our RV products come with the same excellent customer service, technical support and 100% satisfaction guarantee that has been a staple of our business for decades.


We offer products for many different components of the RV – slide out seals, window and door seals, hatches and insert trim, and much more. We also list many universal parts like bumpers and grommets. Stop by our website at or contact us directly at 800-650-6190 to find parts for your RV today!