March 8, 2016

Steele Rubber Heads into RV Market!

Steele Rubber Products is excited to announce our launch into the Recreational Vehicle industry. We have put in a lot of time and research to bring you an easy-to-navigate website as well as a special RV Catalog complete with “suggested uses”. We’ll be offering over one hundred profiles for areas such as compartment doors, front doors, sliding glass, drip rails, slide outs, and many others._DSC1404

Steele Rubber Products has been in the rubber parts and weatherstripping business since 1958. We began the business to help in the restorations of automobiles and continue to design and manufacture our rubber parts in Denver, North Carolina. Over the years, we have perfected our craft and currently make over 12,000 parts and are always adding more.

With nearly 60 years in the business we decided to direct our expertise to the RV industry after we heard many RVers were searching for quality rubber replacements and not having a lot of luck. “We already have quite a few RV customers coming to us for our universal seals, but now we’re excited to have specific parts for their RV’s”, says Steele’s Vice President, Joanna Shere. We have been training staff to answer customer questions and are currently working on instructional videos to help the DIYers on installation. (You can check out our youtube channel here)

Steele Rubber Products truly values our customers and want people to enjoy whatever vehicle they choose without the worry of leaks that can lead to a lot more expensive issues. We take our time to design and manufacture our parts, explain or show our customers what piece they may need, and how to replace seals. Be sure to check out our website and request your own RV Catalog today!

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