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Shop Tour – Part 1: Finding Originals

11240482_10152987022182831_6471150550407310022_nMaking reproduction rubber parts for cars isn’t an easy job. Some cars can seemingly have hundreds of separate pieces of rubber on them. As some of you may know, the condition of the rubber on vehicles that are 20, 40, 60+ years old ranges from “ehh” to “where is it?” That’s where we come in. We devote an enormous amount of time and resources designing and ensuring these parts look and perform like the originals or even better. Weatherstripping, while sometimes unnoticed and under appreciated, is the only line of protection between the hard work you’ve put into the restoration and the environment.

11428037_10153015247967831_4479500312931985728_nThe first step in designing and manufacturing a new part is finding an
original. Every part we manufacture is reverse engineered from an OEM part to ensure fitment, design, look, and feel. Having an original will tell us a lot of things. We will be able to see dimensions and features, how difficult the design will be, and what processes should be used. Since the part is a worn-in original, we can see areas prone to wear and tear.


11407093_10153015248417831_5620302400433105568_nWe keep the original for every part we make so we can refer back to it if the need 11406765_10153015248617831_8447172608505651832_narises. With classic and antique cars, good condition weatherstripping is not easy to come by so we save what we’re lucky enough to come across. Sometimes we buy cars to get the parts off of them, sometimes we find some parts at swap meets, but most parts come from our awesome customers who love to share the spirit of the hobby.