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Replacement Seal for 1978 Sea Ray Weekender

After having trouble with water leakage on his ’78 Sea Ray Weekender, Curt G. of Tarpon Springs Florida, contacted Steele Rubber in search of replacement seals for his hatch lid. The lid originally came with a foam seal(1) that was installed on the door that closed onto the metal frame(2). With normal wear and age the lid began to leak so Curt, in hopes of fixing the leak, pulled the frame off the deck, cleaned the surfaces and reset the seal with 3M 5200 marine sealant. Even after resealing he was still having a problem with water leaking in through the hatch lid.  Curt contacted Steele and after speaking with Erica, one of our Customer Service Reps, and sending pictures they decided the solution would be to replace the seal with one of our Sponge Rubber Extrusions(3) and instead of putting the new seal on the door, as previously installed, to instead place the new seal directly onto the metal frame(4). Curt said “new seals installed and both hatches are water tight! Thank you for all your assistance with this.”

Sponge Rubber Extrusion (General Use)
p/n: 70-2118-99

Multiple Pictures in One #2