October 8, 2013

Product Specialist -Yvonne B.

yvonne b. product specialist
Product Specialist Yvonne B. has been with Steele Rubber Products for 2 years

Share one story of a memorable customer interaction:   I have worked with sooooooooooo many amazing people!  The one story that will always be with me is the customer that asked me for help with a very special project.  He and his son had started to work together to restore an old caddy that had belonged to his father.  Then his son was sent over to Iraq where he was killed in combat.  He had not touched the car since his son left.  He told me that his daughter was getting married over the summer and she wanted to drive off “just married” in her grandpa’s car so he was in a rush to get it finished for her wedding.  THAT is why I love my job so much.  The history, the stories, the passion…..the love.

 Share why you think the restoration hobby is important:  Some of my fondest memories of my dad are him taking me to car shows and the drag strip, and letting me help him work on our family cars.  Its history!  The vehicles themselves, the evolution of the automobile…and the all family histories and the stories that go with them, help pass it on to the next generation.  I take my daughter to car shows and she works on the cougar with me.


Are you working on a car now:  My dream car. It will be a perfectly restored 68 cougar with a 429 woooohooooo!


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