October 8, 2013

Technical Support- Trent P.

trent p

  Trent P.  – Technical Support Specialist with Steele Rubber Products for the past 10 years.

Best customer support story: I had a customer in Australia with a 1947 Plymouth.  Australian Built 1947 Plymouth with a style code of PS15, not the usual P15 the American built 47 Plymouth had.  After a bit of research and sniffing around, I figured out the 1947 Australian Built Plymouth is a combination of Plymouth & Desoto.  Thus, the “P” for Plymouth and the “S” for Desoto in the PS15.  Are you bored yet ?

Why are classic cars and trucks important to you:  I don’t think they are important, I think they are fun.  If they were important, I probably wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

What is your dream car? Classic Car : Aston Martin DB-5,  Truck : 1946 Dodge Power Wagon,  Hot Rod:  Anything you want to park in my driveway.


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