October 7, 2013

Product Specialist – Sandra L.


Product Specialist - Sandra L

Sandra L.  is a Product Specialist and Partner Program Coordinator. She has been with Steele Rubber Products since 2006. Her first car was a ’55 Chevy Bel Air.

Most memorable customer:  I don’t remember the gentleman’s name but he called and ordered every part for his car because he and his 13-year-old son were going to restore the first car given to him by his father.

Your thoughts on the restoration hobby:  Classic car restoration is a hobby to some and a career to others.  A classic car is a passion which is inside some of us from birth.   Some learn to love them later in life.  I always say, it’s either in your heart or it isn’t.  Classic cars are a step back in time and represent many decades of history and times spent with family members and old friends.  Going to car shows or restoring an old car is a wonderful way to connect with people and enjoy the sunshine and share tales.

Dream Car: 1936 Packard Twelve Sport Phaeton




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