October 8, 2013

Customer Service Manager – Joanna S.

Product Specialist -Joanna S.

Joanna S. -Customer Service Manager. Worked for Steele off and on as a kid during summer breaks to trim parts, putting clips in door weatherstrip, shipping packages, and more.

Share one memorable customer story: I remember helping a customer who had recently purchased a 1975 Pinto.  His timing was perfect because we had just recently started making parts for his vehicle.  He was so excited because previously he couldn’t  find the parts anywhere.  I walked him through the parts he needed for his car and put it together in a package for him.  He was so happy that he wrote a review online!  I told him that we’d love to see a picture of his completed project.

Why is the restoration hobby important to you: There’s so many reasons that the restoration hobby is important.  First of all, I’m a huge history buff.  I really love the idea of bringing these incredible cars from the past back to life.  Cars are also a huge part of American culture.  When you think of the 1950’s, you can’t help but think of a Tri-Five Chevy.  It’s just a given.  I also love the creativity people put into their cars.  Some of the street rod designs are out of this world and yet still give a nod to their classic origin.  It’s a fun hobby that people feel a lot of passion for and I’m glad we help them complete their restoration.

What’s your dream car: I like a lot of cars but a 1970 Olds 442 2dr Hardtop would be a great Christmas present, just saying.


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