October 7, 2013

Product Specialist – Cindy D.

Cindy D - Product Specialist

Cindy D. Product Specialist with Steele Rubber Products for 24 years and counting

Best customer story:  One of the most satisfying experiences with a customer was years ago.  Almost 15 years ago a woman called to say her husband started restoring a Packard convertible but then  passed away during the restoration. She wanted to finish the car and she had no idea what her husband had purchased.  Between myself and Greg Steele, we got her all the parts so that she could finish the restoration.

She wrote us a letter of thanks, and shared with us lots of her memories of her husband and what the car meant to her husband.

The best part of my job is:  Talking with our customers. For a lot of them restoring cars brings great memories of yester-years (their youth or father’s youth).  Another reason is a lot of our full size cars is a big item in the overseas market, they love the big full size cars and I love helping to preserve that.

 My favorite car is:  I like the convertibles of the mid 60’s  like GTO’s, Cutlass


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