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Peel-N-Stick: Does It Need Extra Adhesive?

One of the most common questions we get regarding our Peel-N-Stick weatherstripping is does it need extra adhesive? We also get questions like, is the tape strong enough by itself? Is it okay to use extra adhesive? We have those answers and more for you here!

Our Peel-N-Stick line features 3M Heat-Applied tape which is superior to any “double sided” tape. We offer many shapes and sizes to suit various applications. This adhesive forms an immediate highly weather-resistant and durable bond to most surfaces. Peel-N-Stick seals offer high holding strength to many surfaces, including compartments, hatches, doors and windows on RVs and boats. We also have Peel-N-Stick available for our slide out seals.

Our goal with our Peel-N-Stick line was to eliminate the messy and time consuming process of using weatherstrip adhesive. The Peel-N-Stick is very easy, you remove the strip, press in place and voila! Additional weatherstrip adhesive is not necessary when using Peel-N-Stick because the bond the 3M adhesive tape makes with the surface it’s applied to. In any situation you can use additional weatherstrip adhesive, it will not negate the bond from the tape but it may be a messier and longer install process.

Another benefit of Peel-N-Stick is the quick cure time. Weatherstrip adhesive has a cure time of at least 24 hours but with Peel-N-Stick it will bond within minutes. In the situation of a slide out seal we still recommend not moving the slide out for 24 hours to ensure it stays in place.

For all your RV and Marine weatherstripping needs, Steele Rubber Products provides high quality products made from EPDM rubber.  You can find a complete list of all of our Peel-N-Stick profiles on our website  Additionally, you can download a free RV Catalog or Marine Catalog online or give us a call to request a mail catalog 800-230-6752

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