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New Parts January 2020

This month we bring a variety of new parts to market, and bring back some old ones, too.

As always, all of our parts are:

  • Made from top quality materials to ensure durability and proper seal.
  • Designed from an original part so it fits correctly.
  • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

1968-70 Buick, Olds, Pontiac 4 door Hard Top


Vent Window Division Post Run Channel

The front door side window glass run channel on the backside of the vent window division post. Flock lined with a molded-in upper bumper.

Note: One (1) pair Left and Right at thirty six (36″) inches each in length. Each part of pair is marked L (Left) and R (Right) for proper orientation on installation. Installation will require trimming of part length.

  • Authentic molded-in rubber with a corrosion resistant brass metal core.
  • Replaces factory #9712482 (RH) and #9712483 (LH).

1968-74 Ford Econoline Van


Window Frame to Body Weatherstrip

This push-out window gasket is for the side OR rear push-out windows and has properly molded corners for a precise, factory fit.

Note: This seal is the gasket that is stationary on the body of the van. Up to six (6) gaskets used per van.

  • Fitted gasket provides a formed, seamless seal.
  • Designed from original part so it fits correctly.
  • Made from top quality rubber to ensure durability and proper seal.


Push-Out Window Gasket Set

This push-out window gasket set is for the side OR rear push-out windows. This three (3) piece kit includes the push-out window weatherstrip that is fixed on the body, the window frame inner gasket that goes on the glass and the window frame outer gasket that is around the outside perimeter of the frame and seals against the van when the window is closed.

Note: This set only does one (1) window. Up to six (6) sets used per van.

Replaces factory #C8UZ-82262A76-A, #C8UZ-82262A78-A and #C8UZ-82262A80-A.

Factory Shop Manual CDs

We’re bringing these back by popular demand!

These licensed Detroit Iron CDs contain the most comprehensive set of digital OEM shop manuals. The PDF files on these CDs were professionally scanned from the original service and parts manuals.

We now offer them for the following year/makes/models:

07-1277-07      1961-63 Lincoln Continental

07-1278-07      1964 Lincoln Continental

07-1279-07      1965 Lincoln Continental

07-1280-07      1966 Lincoln Continental

07-1281-07      1967-68 Lincoln Continental

07-1282-07      1969 Lincoln/Mercury

07-1283-07      1970 Lincoln/Mercury

07-1284-07      1971 Lincoln/Mercury

07-1285-07      1972 Lincoln/Mercury

07-1247-07      1968 Ford Truck, Bronco, Econoline and Club Wagon

07-1248-07      1969 Ford Truck, Bronco, Econoline and Club Wagon

07-1249-07      1970 Ford Truck, Bronco, Econoline and Club Wagon

07-1250-07      1971 Ford Truck, Bronco, Econoline and Club Wagon

07-1251-07      1972 Ford Truck, Bronco, and Econoline

07-1252-07      1973 Ford Truck, Bronco, and Econoline

07-1253-07      1974 Ford Truck, Bronco, and Econoline

07-1346-07      1935-74 Cadillac

07-1417-07      1973-78 Chevy/GMC Truck

07-1057-07      1957-58 Cadillac

07-1058-07      1959-60 Cadillac

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