October 7, 2016

1966-67 Lincoln Continental 4dr Convertible Body Kit

We are finally able to announce our new parts for Lincoln Continental 4 door Convertibles! These parts have been long awaited for a lot90-3287-90-A of our customers so we’re excited to have them available. We’ve put all these new parts into one kit for ease of purchase and convenience. The kit includes the convertible roof rail kit, hinge pillars, front door seals, rear door seals, rear door auxiliary seal, trunk weatherstrip, back panel weatherstrip (2), hood to cowl weatherstrip, and the rear bumper splash guard. Yes, that many parts for 1966 and 1967 Lincoln Continental 4 door Convertibles! You can also purchase these parts a la carte if needed. The kit price for all the parts listed above is $1626.90 and can be purchased here. If you want to purchase the parts individually and you have a 1966 Lincoln Continental 4 door Convertible click here if you have a 1967 click here.

We’ve worked really hard to create these hard to find seals for all of you Lincoln drivers out there and have plans to continue to expand our product line for other years for the Lincoln Continental. If you have a Lincoln Continental and we don’t have what you’re looking for, BUT you have your original, give us a call! We may be interested in making it but haven’t had a part to go by.

We manufacture all of our parts from originals, test it on the original vehicle, and guarantee fit and durability. All of the parts in this kit are handcrafted in the U.S.A. We believe in quality and stand behind our parts 100%. Visit our website to see what we have for your next project!

Here are the original factory numbers that our new seals will replace: #C6VY-7453900-A, #C6VY-7453901-A, #C6VY-7453928-A, #C6VY-7453929-A, #C6VY-7453986-B, #C6VY-7403198-D, #C6VY-7403199-D, #C7VY-5320530-B, #C7VY-5320531-B, #C6VY-7424992, #C6VY-7424993, #C6VY-7443720-A, #C6VY-7443721-A, and #C6VY-7446740-B, #C6VY7440427-A.

Body Weatherstrip Kit: #90-3287-90

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