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1986 Ford Crown Victoria



I own a 1986 Ford Crown Victoria 2-door coupe.  It was one of the last of a dying breed back in ’86.  After 1986  there would only be one more year of the full size, body on frame, rear wheel drive American 2 door sedan.  Ford ceased production of the 2-door Crown Victoria in 1987. The four door Panther Platform Crown Victoria sedan would continue on until 2011 to become the longest used platform in North American automotive history.  GM stopped producing their full size, body on frame sedans in 1996 My wife, Susan, and I bought the Crown Victoria from Susan’s mother.It belonged to Susan’s father and he loved that car until the day he died. So I guess we have a bit of a sentimental attachment to the car.

Another reason I like the car is that it is 27 years old and has 42,000 miles on it.  It still has the original radiator and heater hoses.  It is entirely bone stock as it came from the factory.  It even has 7 of the 8 original spark plugs in it. It rides down the highway like you’re sitting in your living room.  Not surprisingly, it also handles like your living room but that’s part of the charm of the old girl.

Parts, both reproduction and New old stock, are readily available and not terribly expensive making the Crown Victoria affordable and pretty easy to maintain. Most people look at the Crown Victoria as just another old car. Susan and I look at it as a cool old car that’s nice to drive and a rolling memory of a man we loved very much.