September 14, 2011

Making Windshield Gaskets

When parts are unavailable we create new ones.

Old Gasket
Customers mail old parts that we use to make molds for new parts.

Our front and rear windshield gaskets are modeled from old, sometimes cracked, and broken originals sent to us by automobile owners like you. We use reverse engineering to create a product as close to the original as possible.

Our rubber compounds are specially mixed to improve durability. We strive to be better than the original.   We join the new rubber using heat and pressure to ensure a tight fit and seal.  Special fittings are made from block aluminum to join the different extrusions together for a seamless look and perfect finish.

Whether a seemingly simple loop of rubber channel or a complicated gasket with integrated divider bars we take our time and build it right, by hand.  In some models, the divider bar is installed during the glass installation. In those situations, we have the perimeter gasket notched in the proper locations at the top and bottom to ensure a smooth installation for both the experienced and amateur glass installer.

We also produce custom windshield gaskets for situations such as chopped or shortened tops or narrowed glass openings.  Our rubber parts are of the highest quality. You can trust us to help elevate your classic, antique or custom rod to the fit and finish you expect.

Building the part
Some gaskets require special spacing.
Building The Part
Each piece has a specially designed mold that ensures a perfect fit.








Jess Davis is the Advertising and Trade Show Coordinator for Steele Rubber Products. He has been with the company for more than 15 years, having started as a customer service representative. His first car was a ’67 Plymouth Barracuda. He has  had a lifelong interest in antique and classic automobiles.

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