July 26, 2018

How To Install Trunk Weatherstripping on Your Classic Car

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again- weatherstripping is not a fun and sexy part of automotive restoration but it is super important. Want to keep your interior looking new? And your trunk water free? Having good, functional weatherstripping is essential and it’s also the finishing touch to making your car look brand new. In this blog, I’ll walk you through how to install a glue in type trunk weatherstrip for your classic car. The car we used in the pictures is a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V.


Materials needed for this project:

Steele brand weatherstripping for your car

3M super weatherstrip adhesive


The first step in any weatherstripping project is to make sure all of the old weatherstripping is gone and the area is cleaned well. Any old adhesive or debris left behind will definitely impact the ability of the adhesive to stick and your weatherstrip to stay in place.

Next, do a practice run without using adhesive. Start with one end of the weatherstrip at the bottom center of the trunk opening and lay it out all the way around the perimeter of the trunk just like you were installing it. Push it in the channel to see if there are any places where the fit might be a little loose and it will need to be held down.


Once that’s done, pull the weatherstrip back off and lay a thin bead of the 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive in the channel all the way around the trunk opening. A thin bead- little goes a long way. Then put the rubber back in place pushing it into the channel, starting at the bottom center and working your way around the entire trunk.


*If the weatherstrip is too long, you’ll have to trim it to fit. Be sure not to cut it too short! Allow about 1/8” extra length before you cut it and but the ends up together as tightly as possible. Gaps = water leaks!*

Place masking tape over the areas that are loose (areas around corners tend to pop out) to hold the weatherstrip in place until the adhesive sets. Then close the trunk and the pressure of the trunk lid will hold everything in place until until the adhesive sets (allow 24 hours for it to dry completely).


That’s it- you’re done! Now your trunk is protected from the elements and it looks good too.

Steele not only has all the products you need but all the knowledge you need to get the job done right, too. If you have questions about Rubber Parts or Weatherstripping on your Classic Car, Truck or Hot Rod feel free to reach out to us! You can call us at 800-447-0849, contact us through our website at or comment on this post and we’ll get you answers as quickly as possible.


Steele Rubber Products, located in Denver, NC, is a manufacturer and seller of high quality rubber parts and weatherstripping products for classic and vintage automobiles, hot rods, RVs and Boats. Steele offers more than 12,000 parts for American made cars and trucks as well as a large line of universal weatherstripping and rubber parts to be used on any project. Established in 1958, Steele is a trusted name in the automotive restoration industry.

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