August 5, 2022

How to Identify Your Boat's Windshield Seals

Weatherstripping might not be the first thing that comes to mind when maintaining your boat, however it is important to identify what kind of seals you have if you need to replace them. In this article, we'll explain the different seals and their functions.


Your boat’s windshield features 5 major seals:


Screw Covers

Screw track covers are the most common seal to be replaced. Typically, you will find this seal along the entire bottom edge of your windshield. We carry a variety of different seal types, but our most popular screw cover is part #70-3813-340. We will cover how to replace the screw covers in another blog article. You can find a video about this on our YouTube Channel!

Hinge Tape & Overlap Seal

You will find this seal on walk-through windshield frames where the window hinges. This flat seal is one of the most universal seals in this list, and it ensures a no-leak secure closure. Seals like part #70-3673-377 and #70-3672-377 are great replacement options for the original foam tape used by most boat manufacturers. The original PVC foam tape is commonly prone to deterioration so we decided to improve upon the design by using EPDM rubber for longevity and durability.
To complement the hinge tape, you will also find a seal on the opposite side of the windshield door. These seals are compressed where the door overlaps and latches to create a tight seal. Seals like part #70-3849-377 or #70-3859-377 are perfect for this kind of application. These seals are also made of highly weather resistant EPDM rubber for durability.

Frame Cushion

The bottom edge of the window frame has a lip that does not come in direct contact to the boat body. So, how do you seal a part like that? You need something like part #70-2676-357 to act as a cushion to control vibration and brace the frame. This seal also creates a weatherproof barrier between the frame and the body of the boat.

Glass Channel

This is a worst case scenario replacement. Unless you are restoring an old boat, or the windshield on your boat has been broken, you should not have to replace this seal. This seal sits in the aluminum frame of the windshield and holds the glass in place. This will be located all throughout the windshield to keep the glass from rattling or coming out of place.

For all your boat weatherstripping needs, Steele Rubber Products provides high quality products made from EPDM rubber.  You can find a complete list of all of our hatch & compartment door seals, window & glass, edge trimdrip guards, and rub rails on our website.  Additionally, you can download a free catalog to see all of our parts!
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