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Happy New Year!

I laughed to myself when I read the e-mail asking me to write about all the wonderful things we did here at Steele Rubber Products during the recent Holidays.

My first thought was, “she hasn’t been here long enough to know”.  And others laughed too when they found out she asked “me” that question.  You see, through the years I have been perceived as being the company Scrooge.

As Production  Manager in the past and now Plant Operations Manager, it is my responsibility to see that work flows smoothly and we get parts out in a timely manner. Here at Steele Rubber Products, as I am sure at many places, production slowed down during the Holidays. People were out taking vacation days to finish up their shopping or visit friends and family.  The Marketing Department treated employees to games and activities all week. We had tons of Holiday goodies on the break tables, and a wonderful catered holiday meal, which of course extended everyone’s lunch time. So who was the one who had to gracefully say, “Okay guys, let’s get back to work, Santa wants us to get those rubber parts finished by Christmas Eve”?

Yes, that would be me, the Steele Scrooge.

But honestly, I am not the Scrooge I appear to be. I am very proud of our employees and how hard they worked (at least the other 51 weeks out of 2011). They stepped up to give back during the Holidays instead of just receiving.  The employees donated a truck load of food to the local food bank. We also participated in two local Christmas Parades featuring the Steele Rubber/Comp-Cal Relay For Life show car. And I personally know of a few cases of employees helping other employees who were struggling.

After all was said and done we still managed to get quality rubber parts out to our customers.

As we begin 2012, we want to take the time to be thankful for the many blessing we have and embrace the New Year with optimism, hard work and even more giving than last year. We look forward to bringing you quality parts made carefully by local people.

Happy New Year!

-Steele Scrooge


John Dancoff is the Plant Operations Manager for Steele Rubber Products. He has been with the company for over 20 years. He and his wife Cindy, who also works for Steele Rubber Products, have four children. John is a volunteer with The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and is a member of their North Carolina State Task Force.