July 2, 2012

Great Race — Back to our hometown

Today we started out in the number one position. What a thrill. We started in Warren, Ohio lunch in Mansfield and spent the night in Findlay what a brutal day with the heat.

Everybody cooked in their cars. The asphalt was so hot the tires picked up the tar and stones and made a mess of a lot of cars and as for our times, not too good compared to our other days. Fortunately, the truck is running great, using a little oil.

We started with approximately 98 cars and now we are down to approximately 79, that tells you what these vehicles go through out here on the road.

At our lunch stop local car guys from my home town came up to see the wide range of cars that race, they are all very knowledgeable of cars. As far as breath taking views not much Ohio farming going on, though going through Amish Country is always fun. Only a couple of pictures to share today.


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