July 2, 2012

Great Race — A close one

You just never know how a day is going to turn out. We got the instructions at 7:30 this morning and they were long so we knew it was going to be a long day. It was going to be very difficult due to all the stops and goes and transitions from slow to fast and slow again on the route. So we took off on time and we did our best on all the parts on the course.


As it turned out things were going well through the first leg of the rally. Jewel and I thought that we might have something going (as in a good score for the day)  — that all changed on the second leg.


We missed a turn, but Jewel caught the mistake early and we were 6 mins behind schedule, so we did a u-turn and did about 75 mph until we got back in position. The only problem is we went too far and then the check point came  and we were 52 seconds early.


But each leg today was at least 1 1/2 hours long of driving and our score on the other legs were 1 sec, two 2 sec, and one 5 sec. so all in all we very happy. They will kick out the 52 sec at the end because they eliminate your high time of the day. As for lunch today you cannot believe the reception at Fairport, New York it was unbelievable so many nice people and the whole town was out. Check out the photos. Howard Sharp’s a past champion of great race, his home town and a great guy and great family. I wish everybody could experience what Jewel and I did today it is a humbling experience.


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