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Congrats Matt!

Anyone who has ever been to the DMV knows it can be a complicated process for car enthusiasts.

At Steele Rubber Products we believe in getting involved and adopting a hands-on approach for changes we want to see. We currently have staff members on several industry committees such as SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), HRIA (Hot Rod Industry Alliance), and our local Chamber of Commerce.


This week, Matt Agosta, Steele Rubber Products President, was selected to serve on the Vehicle Classification Review Committee of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as the SEMA representative.

The committee works to resolve disputes filed by vehicle owners, regarding vehicle classification and titling.  As collector car owners we understand how classifications can strongly influence how vehicles are valued and taxed.

We are excited to share this news with you and look forward to working with the State of North Carolina. We encourage car owners, enthusiasts and fans to get involved in the protection of your hobby. There are many organizations that can use your help. Visit Sema Action Network  to find ways to help.