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How To Replace Trunk, Door and Back Glass Weatherstripping

In this video Matt Agosta replaces windshield, trunk and door weatherstrip. He show gluing techniques and the best tools to use to complete the job.

How to Remove & Replace Door Clinch Seals on a Ford Truck

How to remove and replace door clinch seal weatherstrip on Ford truck. Steps can be used for other trucks with similar body styles. These instructions will help with fix door leaks that can cause auto rust. Visit or call 1-877-455-1161 to purchase parts or for further instructions.

How To Replace Back Window Glass Seal With Cord

In this video Steele Rubber Products President, Matt Agosta, and Scott Goodwin from Goodwin Restorations remove and replace the back window glass weatherstripping on ’67 Chevy pick-up using a cord on “My Classic Car with Dennis Gage”. Most vehicles can be completed with similar steps.

Unscrew the u-jamb seals to remove it

How to Remove and Replace Quarter Window Leading Edge and Filler Seals

The quarter window leading edge and fillers work together to allow  the quarter window to roll up and down, and to seal the door against water, air and environmental factors that can cause rust or deterioration. Since they are usually only visible when the door is open,  the seals are sometimes forgotten because of where they

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