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Why Beltline Weatherstripping is Essential to your Restoration Project

  Beltline weatherstripping has many different names- window sweeps, window fuzzies, windowfelts, cat whiskers, window moldings- no matter what you call it, the function is still the same: they are long strips of either fuzzy material or rubber mounted onto the top of the door (where the window rolls down into the door) on each

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How to Splice Sponge & Dense Weatherstripping

  When you need an extrusion made into a ring or one piece unit, it is best to have the splice molded. This will give the best seal and have maximum strength at the splice.  However, when molding is not an option you can splice instead.  There are a few general rules to follow. 1.       It’s

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Auto Weatherstrip Installation Tips

We make thousands of rubber parts at Steele Rubber Products but we rarely get to see them after they leave the shop. We visited with the guys at Quarter Mile Muscle in Mooresville, NC to watch them install our new brass-core door seals on a 1969 Camaro. They did the doors and the trunk seals

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How to Replace your Lock Pillar Filler and Leading Edge

  A worn-out lock pillar filler and leading edge could be responsible for the whistling noise caused by wind.     A door lock pillar seal is the rubber part found where the rear quarter window meets the lock pillar. It serves as the access manager for the quarter window seals and a good lock pillar

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How to Replace the Sliding Quarter Window Weatherstrip on an early 60’s Chevy Suburban

The Chevy Suburban is the longest-running uninterrupted production vehicle nameplate ever and an American classic. Changing the window weatherstrips in those iconic rear side sliding windows can be intimidating but we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step! In this video we’re using a 1965 Chevy Suburban but 1960- 66 have the same

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How To Install Trunk Weatherstripping on Your Classic Car

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again- weatherstripping is not a fun and sexy part of automotive restoration but it is super important. Want to keep your interior looking new? And your trunk water free? Having good, functional weatherstripping is essential and it’s also the finishing touch to making your car look brand

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How to Remove and Replace Door Clinch Seal on a Truck

Clinch seal type weatherstripping was developed by auto manufacturers to speed up installation of the door seals on the assembly line. Clinch seals use no glue but are simply pressed on to the pinch-weld area of the door opening. They prevent water, wind and other harmful elements from damaging the carpet and interior of your

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How to Glue Automotive Weatherstrip the Right Way

Weatherstripping is not a fun or sexy part of auto restoration but adds a lot to the look and functionality of your vehicle! Using quality products and installing them properly can ensure that your interior is protected from the elements, that your vehicle looks good and you have a nice quiet ride for many years

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Danny discusses When to Replace Rubber Seals

On this episode of My Classic Car Danny Agosta, of Steele Rubber Products, shows when to replace your rubber seals and weatherstripping. Danny also discusses the Custom Catalog and how to determine gap size using Silly Putty and Saran Wrap.