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Bubba Watson's General Lee Restoration

PGA golfer and 2012 Masters Champion, Bubba Watson, recently purchased the original General Lee from the television show, “The Dukes of Hazzard”.  This 1969 Dodge Charger was restored with help from the guys from Desert Valley Auto Parts, stars of the television program “Desert Car Kings” on the Discovery Channel.

Steele Rubber Products has worked with the Desert Valley crew for some time, so we followed the project online as they upload YouTube video footage of the restoration.  Our favorite video clip focuses on Jason from Desert Valley receiving a box of parts from Steele Rubber Products, including the trunk weatherstripping, door seals and window gasket for the ’69 Charger.

It’s always great to see our customers, and friends, excited about our parts.  And, it’s even more exciting to be a part of a great project like the restoration of this iconic car.

We’re proud to work with great builders like Desert Valley and be a part of cool projects.  Now, we want to see Bubba jump a sandtrap in the General Lee.