January 13, 2022

Complete Guide for RV Insert Trim

Complete Guide for RV Insert Trim

In the manufacturing process of RVs, screws are used to join individual sections of the exterior wall paneling together. Since this method isn’t very attractive looking and can lead to leaks, a screw track and insert trim are used to cover and protect the exposed screws. From the factory, the insert trim is a thin vinyl piece that tucks inside of the screw track. Vinyl has a bad tendency to shrink and crack so manufacturers make sure it’s held in place with additional screws and caulk at the ends. In this guide, we’ll show you our solution to this problem, compare it to the original, walk you through the replacement process, and explain how our product will prolong the life of your RV.

Many RV’s come with a white colored vinyl, which may look nice in the beginning, but vinyl doesn’t have good UV resistance. Over time, mother nature will take her course, and you’re left with a deteriorating vinyl seal that is cracked, pulling from the edges, and allowing water to invade, as shown in this image above. Often you will peel back the vinyl to expose a filthy track with rusted screws.

What makes our product different?

Our product, unlike the original insert trim in this article, seals the area with a design that also covers the top of the screw track. This product engineering is to prevent water from going into your track, which can cause rust.

Equally as important, our product is 100% EPDM rubber which is weather, ozone, and UV resistant. It will not fade, shrink, or crack and cause the same issues that the vinyl material does.

Three easy steps to replace your seal:

Step 1

Since our insert trim tucks in and also sits on top of the track, we’ll be applying one side at a time. Start with either side of your seal, align the groove on the seal to the side of the track, and gently push that into place.

Step 2

Next, taking your plastic tuck tool, you will gently apply pressure to push the remaining side of the seal into place. During this step, you don’t want to use something sharp. Tools like a screwdriver may scratch or damage your new seal. Use Step 1 and Step 2 along the entire length of the screw track you’re working on.

Step 3

Once your track has the new seal installed, trim off the excess and press the last little piece into place to complete your installation. As you can see with the old section of insert trim in this picture, there may be a screw hole you need to fill. You can simply replace the screw or fill with silicone caulk.

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