October 18, 2021

The Most Common Seals Found On Your Boat

The Most Common Seals Found On Your Boat

When you think of a boat, rubber seals are probably not the first thing that comes to mind but they still play an important role in the protection of your watercraft. Out on the water or even when your boat is docked, there are things that could damage your boat as well as your stored items. The thing we see most often when people are in need of a seal is damage due to leaks. Other common things like mold, insects and mother nature could all potentially harm your boat. Here is how Steele Rubber Products can help your protect your boat!

In this post we cover the most common seals you will find on a boat, what their function is and why they are important for the longevity of your boat!

Rubs Rails & Insert Trim

First we’ll start with the most popular seals, our rub rails and insert trim. These parts are designed to absorb the shock impacts when bumped up against things like docks and pillars.

There are many profiles to choose from with both the rub rails and the insert trim. We offer many rub rail insert kits which include the amount of rubber you need, a tuck tool and an instruction sheet!

Windows, Glass & Port Holes

Next up we have everything you need to protect and seal your glass! Our marine window and port hole seals are made with high-quality materials ensuring leak-proof mountings that keep the weather out when the port hole or window is closed.

Our seals that we offer for your windshield mountings and window glazing are crucial for the safety of your glass. Not only do these seals help absorb impact that could potentially break your glass but also provides a barrier between the mounting frame and your boat.

Cabin & Compartment Doors

Every boat has a compartment or cabin door and in order to keep what is stored behind those doors dry you need a leak-proof seal! Our high quality EPDM rubber makes for a durable and secure fit between the door and frame that is easy to install.

Most of our cabin and compartment door seals feature the weather resistant 3M Peel-N-Stick adhesive design for easy installation and a clean, finished look for your doors.

Hatches & Edge Trim

Last we have our hatches and edge trim. Quality hatch seals are where it’s at – without them, the interior of your boat is exposed to the elements and pests. A durable, fully enclosed boat edge trim protects your watercraft from damage and you from sharp edges while standing up to the elements like a champ.

Our seals feature the attachment convenience of either the weather resistant 3M Peel-N-Stick adhesive or the simple push-on design.

Adhesives & Tools

Even though these aren’t rubber seals, some projects require adhesives and tools. These items are designed specifically to make completing the job easier.

Steele Rubber Products boat parts are made of a proprietary high-quality, weather and UV resistant rubber. This means years of precise fit and durable function that is easy to install.

When you purchase any rubber parts from Steele Rubber Products, you are covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Additionally, you have access to our Product Specialists and other knowledgeable weatherstripping pros that are here to help answer any questions you may have about our products.

If you need help finding the right rubber part for your project, or need help installing your rubber parts, assistance is available with one of our Product Specialists over the phone (800-230-6752), on Live Chat or by emailing us at

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