August 16, 2021

How to Replace your Windshield Seal and Screw Track Cover

How to Replace your Windshield Seal and Screw Track Cover

Often you may find yourself having to replace the seals on your boat, with the seals being constantly exposed to the weather, water and the sun, that can take a toll on your rubber seals causing cracks and tears.

When it is time for a replacement, how do you know which seal to choose? How do you install the seals correctly? We’ve got all your answers here in this post!

Why are these seals important?

These seals protect an important part of your boat. The screw track cover not only adds a nice clean and finished look to your windows, it also protects the mounting hardware from mold, moisture and debris by filling that void. The windshield seal provides a cushion between the window and the boat itself, if that seal were not in place the vibration from the rattling could damage the windshield metal and potentially break the glass.

Many boats, like the one in this tutorial, have a split windshield. Having the windshield seal will also prevent potential damage from any accidents that may occur with the windshield slapping or slamming due to wake or waves.

As you can see from the photo above the previous seal was very worn, hardened and was splitting down the middle which was not protecting appropriately, if yours looks like this follow these easy steps below to install your new seal!

In this tutorial we used part #70-4205-372 for the windshield seal, we also recommend using part #70-2676-357 as this seal is a Dense Cushion Strip and is perfect for a windshield seal. The Dense Cushion Strip does not compress, has a nook where the mounting can be seated with both sides curving around it and it will not shrink, fade or flatten over time.

Step 1

Find your replacement parts in our Free Marine Catalog before completely removing everything to ensure you have the correct part to replace it with. Our catalog has dimensions and profile images to make it easy to find the perfect replacement for your boat.

Step 2

Gather your materials you need for the job, that includes: a cleaning solution, paper towels, a rag, a screw driver/power drill, a knife, a wrench, 3M adhesive cleaner and your new rubber parts.

Step 3

Remove all of the old rubber on the screw track and then begin using your screw driver or power drill to remove all of the screws holding the windshield.

Don’t forget to also remove your support beams!

Step 4

Remove the windshield then remove all of the old rubber seal around the windshield and try not to leave any remaining pieces to ensure a clean slate for your new rubber. Once that is done it’s time to clean both the windshield and your boat where the previous rubber was. Using your 3M adhesive cleaner you want to get off any old residue from the previous seal.

Step 5

Now it is time to install the new rubber, in this instance we used Rectangular Peel-N-Stick but you can also use a regular seal with 3M adhesive to apply this seal. Carefully apply your Peel-N-Stick adhesive side of the extrusion along the screw placement track. Carefully follow the track where the screws line up. Be sure it is in the same place as your screws.

Step 6

Once your Peel-N-Stick is placed snip off the end leaving some for leeway as you place your windshield back on.

Reattach your windshield to the boat, be sure it is aligned correctly as it previously was. Now you can fasten the screws back in place. Be patient with this process if your screws are giving you a hard time going through the new seal as you do not want to strip them.

Don’t forget to reattach your support beams!

Step 7

Our final step concludes with installing your insert track, in this instance we used Screw Cover and Insert Trim. You will use pressure to apply this seal into the screw track, it should fit nice and tight in your track as you apply it. Once you reach the end cut off just enough to where it does not fit too loose and it is the correct length of the track.

Once you are finished with that go ahead and snip off the remaining pieces of your seal, clean up any adhesive leftover from the end and you are finished!

Prefer to watch a demonstration? Check out this video where Danny walks you through replacing these seals!

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