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New Parts: Summer Edition

New Parts: Summer Edition

We recently added these new parts to our RV selection. Check out what’s new below! You can find all of these parts and more on our website. If you have any questions about these parts, please leave us a comment!

Cabin Door with Track Seal

This seal is commonly found on compartment and cabin doors that have track surrounding the edges. Bulb and track seals are easy to replace – simply slide out the old and slide in the new – adhesives are not necessary but may be used for a more permanent setting.

Streak Shield

Streak Shield will prevent the black streaks caused by dripping run-off water on the sides of your RV. Streak Shield easily installs in existing roof-line screw tracks by replacing the old inserts. By shedding water away from the sides of your camper, it also reduces the need for potentially damaging streak cleaners.

Body Bumper End Cap

Achieve a finished look with your installation by using our new Body Bumper End Cap. This cap is easily installed by sliding it into place to create a ‘ridge-less’ transition from Body Bumper to End Cap. This cap is designed to fit both left and right ends. While we do offer this on our RV site, these body bumpers and end caps are most commonly seen on service vehicles like firetrucks and ambulances.

Peel-N-Stick Wiper Seal

This Peel-N-Stick “P” profile seal is a wiper and bulb combination seal for RV slide outs. These seals keep wind, moisture, and pests from getting into your camper. We created this part as an exact replacement for many campers including current Class A designs. It is ideal for more confined slide-out box designs commonly found on early 2000 Bounder Class A’s and Cedar Creek RLTS Fifth Wheel RVs.

“P” Profile Wiper Seal

“P” profile wiper and bulb combination seals are common with older RVs and motor-coaches that feature slide-out boxes with tight tolerances. Used to create a dynamic seal that keeps the elements and pests out when the slide-out is retracted.

Made of a highly weather-resistant white or, new to this offering, black rubber. The new black version also features protective skirting around the adhesive tape to provide a more finished look and prevent debris accumulation. Easy to install with Steele Rubber’s Peel-N-Stick adhesive tape. .

Available in black and white by the foot.

For all your RV weatherstripping needs, Steele Rubber Products provides high quality products made from EPDM rubber.  You can find a complete list of all of our door sealswindow sealsslide out sealshatches and insert trim and universal parts on our website

Additionally, you can download a free RV Parts catalog online or give us a call to request a mail catalog 800-230-6752.    

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