March 25, 2020

New and Improved A/C Gasket Kit

In response to the growing needs of our customers, Steele Rubber Products is excited to introduce our new and revised roof mounted A/C, heat-pump gasket kit. Featuring additional weatherstripping material that will help accommodate the majority of newer A/C, heat-pump units on the market today.

What’s included in the A/C Gasket Kit?

This unique, high-quality one-piece EPDM replacement fits most RV and Marine Roof Mounted A/C and Heat Pump units including those made by Dometic, Airxcel, Advent, Atwood and Coleman.

The one-piece EPDM sponge rubber design ensures a no-leak functionality. High quality closed cell EPDM sponge rubber yields higher UV, ozone and weather resistant durability than what is originally supplied!

This gasket kit is easy to use, featuring a pressure-sensitive adhesive-backing to hold the gasket in place during installation.

The Kit includes two (2) 7″ leveling blocks, one (1) 14” strip made of the same material to fit the layout of current A/C units, and an instruction sheet to guide you through installation.

What is the purpose of an A/C Gasket divider?

The A/C Gasket divider is used to separate the intake from the return. Without it, the air would continue to circulate through the A/C unit. Have you noticed if the air coming out of the A/C unit was cold, but the amount of air moving through the vents was less than impressive? The first thing you should check is the divider!

It’s not uncommon that a manufacture installs an A/C unit poorly. And if the A/C isn’t installed correctly, then most likely neither is the gasket. In the case of this customer’s A/C Gasket install, the unit and gasket were not aligned properly allowing water to leak into the living room.

What if your A/C unit doesn’t have a divider?

For those that don’t have a divided unit, the 14″ strip used as the divider can be cut up and used for more leveling blocks – allowing for complete customization of the A/C Gasket kit. The divider is made of the exact same EPDM material as the gasket itself meaning it can withstand extreme weather, and pressure just like the A/C Gasket.

Installation tips for the A/C Gasket Kit

Check out this video by Mark Polk from RV Education 101 as he takes a look at the RV Air Conditioner Gasket. Mark discusses what the air conditioner gasket is, what it does, and demonstrates how to replace your old gasket with one of the new and improved gaskets from Steele Rubber Products.

Steele Rubber Products offers premium RV seal replacements. If you need help installing the A/C Gasket Kit, or any of our seals – contact us. Our Product Specialists can be reached over the phone (800-230-6752) or on Live Chat. We are here to make sure your project is a success.

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