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One Wrong Turn

Well the weather was great today and the wind was in full force. Jewel pulled a good pill for a starting position today #18th you don’t want to early.

We started at 7:30 am from one hotel and got to the new hotel at about 8pm. That is a very typical day it is a lot of driving and only being three feet from your navigator you better get along — which Jewel and I do most of the time.

The race normally has four legs, two before lunch and two after lunch. We had a pretty good day going until Jewel and I missed a turn. We corrected the mistake in about 20 sec. but that is a life time in this sport.

Here are some pictures from lunch and supper car shows which we do every day on the race and some pictures on the way.


Cruising through Ottawa,Ontario Canada


Leg four of the great race
Great welcome, as always, in all the cities we have been through.


Greetings from Ottawa in Ontario Canada

Nice scenery in Kanata during the Great Race
Cruising through Canada during the Great Race