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Is it Necessary to Pre-Heat Your Rub Rail Insert Before Installation?

Is it Necessary to Pre-Heat Your Rub Rail Insert Before Installation?

You might have heard that you need to pre-heat a rub rail insert before installing it. While this is true for most rub rail inserts on the market, you do not have to do this when installing a rub rail replacement or repair kit from Steele Rubber Products. In this quick tip, we are going to discuss what you need to know about pre-heating a rub rail insert before installation.

First, let’s discuss the difference in materials.

Traditionally, rub rail inserts were manufactured using flexible PVC or vinyl material. These materials are hard to work with, and the most common complaint is that there is no way one person could install it.

Manufacturers of these types of rub rail inserts offer several recommendations to make installation easier.

  • They recommend tackling the job on a warm day
  • They recommend soaking it in warm water
  • And they recommend using a heat gun to aid in installation

Pre-heating PVC or vinyl rub rail inserts in some way became popular because the material is much more flexible and forgiving when it is warm. Up until today, people have had to contend with the painstaking process of warming the seal, and still pre-heating it to bend it around the bow.

With manufacturing ingenuity, we have designed all our rub rail inserts with EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber has outstanding wear properties including excellent abrasion, impact, ozone, UV and extreme weather resistance- all factors which cause cracks, shrinkage and failure commonly seen with other materials including vinyl. This proprietary blend of rubber gives you the flexibility you need to install the rub rail insert without having to pre-heat it or sacrifice durability.

All of the rub rail insert replacement and repair kits come pre-packaged with an easy to follow instruction sheet and tuck tool – the only tool you’re going to need for installation! Bye, heat gun!

We offer the most common rub rail insert profiles on the market which means that these are perfect replacements for TACO marine rub rails. These rub rail inserts fit the most popular fishing and leisure-craft boats on the market and are available in a variety of lengths!

Whether you need to replace the whole insert, or just a piece, Steele Rubber Products has the rub rail insert kit you need to complete the job! Check out the variety of options online, or order a FREE catalog today!

When you purchase a rub rail insert (or any other rubber parts) from Steele Rubber Products, you are covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Additionally, you have access to our Product Specialists and other knowledgeable weatherstripping pros that are here to help answer any questions you may have about our products.

If you need help finding the right rub rail insert for your project, or need help installing your rub rail insert, assistance is available with one of our Product Specialists over the phone (800-230-6752) and on Live Chat.

Not sure where to start with your project? Order a FREE Catalog today! *For additional help check out our How To series on YouTube!

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