September 3, 2020

1987 Chevy Truck Weatherstripping Project

In this video Danny takes you through the process of replacing all of the weatherstripping parts on this 1987 Chevy Truck restomod.

This includes the vent window weatherstrips, beltline weatherstripping, run channel and door weatherstrips. He breaks everything down and explains in detail how to get the job done in an afternoon right there in your own garage.

Parts Used (specific to this 1987 Chevy R10 Truck):

Tools/Materials Needed:

Watch the full episode or skip around to the following sections:

Steele not only has all the products you need but all the knowledge you need to get the job done right, too. If you have questions about Rubber Parts or Weatherstripping on your Classic Car, Truck, Hot Rod or even your boat, trailer or RV, feel free to reach out to us! You can call us at 800-650-4482, contact us through our website or comment on this post and we’ll get you answers as quickly as possible. Check out our YouTube channel for our full library of how-to/installation videos.

Steele Rubber Products, located in Denver, NC, is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality rubber parts and weatherstripping products for classic and vintage automobiles, hot rods, RVs and Boats. Steele offers more than 12,000 parts for cars and trucks as well as a large line of universal weatherstripping and rubber parts to be used on any project. Established in 1958, Steele is a trusted name in the automotive restoration industry. 

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