December 18, 2017

1964-67 GM Van Stationary Window Gasket Set

This stationary window gasket set is for the side OR rear stationary windows. The set contains the window gasket itself and the locking strip. The seal mounts around the full perimeter of the glass and the locking strip holds it tight for a precise, factory fit. Up to six (6) used per van.

  • Fitted gasket provides a formed, seamless seal and accommodates locking strip.
  • Designed from original part so it fits correctly.
  • Replaces factory #3869107.
  • We recommend for installation: 3M Brand Cleaner and Bedding Compound.

Made from top quality rubber to ensure durability and proper seal.

Guaranteed to fit. Hand Crafted. Made in USA.

Please check the Matching Vehicles tab to confirm this part is applicable to your vehicle.

Matching Vehicles: 1964-67 GM Vans

Part Number: 70-3826-81


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