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1940 Chevy Pickup

So glad this 1940 showed up at the shop today. The paint job is my favorite… well except for the awesome new rubber that’s about to be installed 😉 I didn’t get a picture of the interior but it was a nice burgundy leather. Think your car or truck should be our top pick for

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2015 Custom Catalogs

January is always a busy time at the company. Everything is getting updated or changed for the new year and we want to get it done as quickly as possible. We’ve already created two new parts for this year and it’s not even February yet! We want this year to be the best yet. One

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The Blonde with the Chevy Nova SS

This past June, I happened to be in the Detroit area during the Gratiot Cruise. Next to Woodward Avenue, Gratiot was where I spent a good part of my “misspent” youth. I had a couple of free hours in the morning, so I spent it driving the show from 9 Mile Rd. to 11 Mile Rd.

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